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Habring² Doppel 38 Salmon Dial - Serial #10 (Pre-Owned)

Habring² Doppel 38 Salmon Dial - Serial #10 (Pre-Owned)

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Just arrived is this mint Doppel 38 with Habring2's famous salmon dial. We sold this watch to the original owner June 10th of this year and according to him it was "only worn twice"... and judging on the condition I can definitely take him for his word!

The Doppel 38 marries all the comfort of wearing a 38.5mm watch with all the legibility of a 41mm tool watch. This is due to the movement being cased up in the classic 38.5mm diameter and 46mm lug to lug Felix case, but features a bezel that extends out to 41mm. Something I've come to notice and enjoy on my own Doppel 38 is that an unintended consequence of the bezel is that the crown and pushers appear to be smaller than in other watches and creates a pleasing visual effect. Viewing from the backside, the bezel creates a fascinating high polished frame around the middle case which is something I never knew I wanted or needed, but when you see it for yourself I am sure you will enjoy it.

This watch is complete w/ Box and Papers dated June 2023. Video is of actual watch.

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