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Habring² Chrono COS Titanium - Serial #01-2011 (Pre-Owned)

Habring² Chrono COS Titanium - Serial #01-2011 (Pre-Owned)

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50 shades of awesomeness with this patented pusherless chronograph from Habring² that allows you to start, stop, and reset the chronograph entirely through the crown.

No pushers, no problem! To operate the chronograph...

1. With the crown resting against the case, rotate the crown counter clockwise to activate the chronograph.

2. Twist the crown clockwise to stop the chronograph.

3. Next you can either restart the chronograph by twisting counterclockwise or you may reset the chronograph by again twisting clockwise.

The 2nd position allows for winding and the third position allows for time setting.

Movement side reveals the lever connected to the crown allowing for all the magic of the COS mechanism to transpire.

The dial and movement are housed in a titanium case which at the time of purchase (2011) was by special request for an additional charge of €1,200.  The Titanium case is in good condition and measures 42mm x 14mm x 52mm lug-to-lug.

Complete w/ original Box and Warranty Booklet.

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