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MIH Watch (Pre-Owned)

MIH Watch (Pre-Owned)

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Created by the braintrust of Ludwig Oechslin and Paul Gerber, the MIH watch is equal parts complicated and simple. The MIH features an AM/PM indicator as well a straight line Annual Calendar comprised of just 9 moving parts born of Mr. Oechslin's design, while Mr. Gerber contributed the 30-minute monopusher chronograph. The chronograph seconds are read on the dial side, while a rotating disc on the reverse side counts the elapsed minutes. At the very bottom of the page* I will share with you a wonderful trick of how to make this a 60 minute chronograph!

The MIH watch was created as a benefit to the Musée International Horlogerie, where a portion of the proceeds of each watch sold subsidized the cost of timepiece restorations belonging to museum. The project spanned 15 years until the watch was officially discontinued in 2020.

Titanium Case is in excellent condition and measures 42.2 x 14.7mm and a compact 45.5mm lug-to-lug. Fitted to original MIH rubber strap and MIH titanium buckle with geographical coordinates of MIH Museum engraved underneath. Original MIH watch catalog but without the German daily newspaper which would have served as its birth certificate.

*How to make this watch a 60 minute chronograph.
First, start the Chronograph so that the seconds rests atop the minute hand... now stop the Chronograph. Watch the minute hand travel away from the Chronograph seconds hand and Voila!, you have a 60-minute timer!!

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