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Habring² COS ZM Chronograph - White Dial (Discontinued)

Habring² COS ZM Chronograph - White Dial (Discontinued)

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Fly well under the radar with a pusherless chronograph. Start, stop, and reset are all preformed via the crown with a very easy to use and patented Habring2 mechanism. Starting and stopping of the chronograph mechanism is buttery smooth while difficult to inadvertently trigger during normal wear. This ZM version (Zentraler Minutenzähler) records elapsed minutes on the central axis by way of the red arrow hand.

This watch is available for order “while supplies last”. Case measures 42mm x 14mm and has 22mm lugs. Last retail price as of 2022 is €8,050.

This watch is not currently in stock but is available for pre-order with an approximate ETA of 8 months. To place a 20% deposit, please contact me or call 760-765-5657. If you wish to pay in full now please continue with the checkout process. Thank you.

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