About “Us”


Back in 1999, someone saw potential in a 19 year old bus boy and offered him a job at his jewelry store authorized to sell Rolex and Breitling. Indeed, the job was a marked career advancement over serving chips and salsa, and while the watches were pretty neat and all, it wasn’t until the day a collector walked in with a yellow gold JLC Master Geographic did the light bulb really switch on in my head. Seeing that watch ignited a true passion in watches that has continued with me to this day. Fast forward nearly 25 years and here I am, finally having the opportunity to open a humble little business in my hometown of Encinitas, CA which is so dear to my heart.

While the establishment is humble, the watchmaking is hardcore. My first brand under representation is none other than the husband and wife power duo of Richard & Maria Habring and their fabulous brand, Habring². Others may be added down the line, but for now, I couldn’t be more proud to represent the incredible genius of Habring² watches.


The most valuable asset of my store is you. I am so thankful for my clients new and old which I have the pleasure to work with and learn from these past 25 years. Many of you have become some of my most dear friends and is truly what makes this business irresistible. I invite you to visit me at my Brick and Mortar (open starting the Summer of 2023) where we can share our passion for watches together.


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